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Astronomy is studying the Sun, stars, Solar system planets and their satellites, extrasolar planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, interplanetary, ... Planets and stars of the Solar system. Mars, Venus, the moon and the Sun in a person's horoscope.

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December 18, 2013, Prometheus, the satellite is the sixth planet of the Solar system Prometheus satellite is the sixth planet of the Solar system, Saturn. On the new image from the spacecraft Cassini shows how the gravitational field of the satellite resent the F ring of Saturn. To the satellite can be seen, the increased brightness of a photo. Thanks to this, in the photo you can see about 20 stars. Prometey - a very small satellite of the planet, the linear dimensions of which is 120 74 kilometers. It was opened in 1980 by the photos, made by the "Voyager-1".The Prometheus very low density, therefore, according to scientists, it is porous, icy body. The origin of Saturn's rings is still not fully clear. Between the rings are gaps almost empty space. Rings are identified by letters of the Latin alphabet. Called them in the order of discovery. Continue reading


Question: - What is the significance of the Cosmos is our solar
system and what is its place in it the Ground?
Answer: " Relax, and now write. Solar system for the greater --
tion, infinite Space same as a grain of sand in the desert, but the dog-
chink stack with grit and formed a huge desert.
So-and in Space millions of solar systems form the galaxy, and
millions of galaxies - a single Space. But if you throw out galacti-
Ki solar system, you will energy rebalance-
dose, for functions of a single organism, and if we eliminate from the living
organism, one body, all will come in disorder. Continue reading


1) astronomically is the 10th planet in the solar system, was opened on January 21, 1933. Time of application 247 years and 7 months. In its luminosity he is the star of 15 values, so you can watch it only in a very strong telescopes. The diameter is smaller than the Earth, its diameter does not exceed 6,500 km Has satellite, called Charon - the boatman in the Kingdom of Hades-Pluton.

2) Mythologically Kingdom P. - Aida surrounded by the Kingdom of Neptune. So the Kingdom of illusion and universality has a solid Foundation and the banks in the "Lower" the world of causes. In mythology P. acts as a symbol of power and the popular masses. Continue reading

Planet Earth

Best of all objects orbiting the Sun, we have studied only our house, which is called planet Earth. And it's quite obvious, because we drink its water and breathe the air.

Our planet from far, may be similar to the neighbors, but at a more detailed look fundamentally different. As can be seen from figure atmosphere of Venus and Mars almost 100 percent composed of carbon dioxide. The content of this gas in the Earth's atmosphere is only 0.03%. In our atmosphere mainly contains a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, in a ratio of 4 to 1. Continue reading

Black spots on the Sun

In addition to heat and light of the Sun there are other forces. About them people began to guess once remarked on the surface of the light spot. Sun - spots are dark areas on the Sun's surface, each one the size of our planet. The inner part spot seems to be black, dark compared to the rest of the surface. But actually, this part is so bright that you are able to blind, if you do not apply the filters.

Spots on the Sun is not constant. Their movements are studying more than 400 years. Start since Galileo saw this phenomenon in his telescope. Surprised to find dark spots on the surface of the disc, he began to watch them for a few days. His observations showed that all the spots are moving in the same direction. But at the equator, the rotation was faster than in the field of poles. This discovery was very important for understanding the nature of the Sun. Since the time Galileo started to keep records on the number of spots and came to the conclusion that sometimes the Sun is covered with hundreds of spots, and sometimes they completely disappear, then the process is repeated. Average cycle of appearance and disappearance of even sunspots is 10 years. Continue reading

The hypothesis of the origin of the Solar system

The questions of the origin of the Sun and planets science deals cosmogony. At different stages of development of science, there were various theories about the origin of the planets and the Sun. The development of concepts went in two directions.

One of them was connected to the birth of planets with catastrophes in space, another viewed the Solar system as a result of the evolution of a gas-dust cloud.

Representatives of the first direction - Chamberlain, jeans,. Jeffries, etc. is the basis of suggestions put an accident. So, British astrophysicist j, jeans (1919) believed that the earth was formed from a clot of solar substance, cut out" from the Sun forces of attraction passes close stars. Continue reading

on 28 April 2001 saw the flight of the first space tourist - American multimillionaire Italian origin Dennis Tito. Solar system the Terrans? Maybe on Mars also lives someone intelligent, not inviting us to visit? Scientists named the planet that is larger than the Earth is fit for human life... Water in space. Ceres - dwarf planet or a giant asteroid is the largest object in the asteroid belt in the Solar system, the ...